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Starting Feats

Post by murdrkitten on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:45 am

On Last Light, some of the starting feats Neverwinter Nights provides by default don't have many meaningful effects, and there is not much incentive for taking them over other feats. This list will show you what those feats are, and tell you how we've improved them on Last Light.

Silver Palm - Character gains a 20% bonus when performing Soul Trades. Gains a passive income of 60GP/Level upon each level-up past level 3.
Snake Blood - +1 increase to AC while wearing Light or Medium armor (not applicable to Cloth).
Bullheaded - 15% chance of automatically resisting a mind-altering effect.
Blooded - +1 AB when attacking from Stealth.
Courteous Magocracy - +1 to DCs and Caster Level for all spells of your starting class. (This means you must start as a sorcerer to get the bonus to your sorcerer spells.)
Strong Soul - Lower Soul Vitality loss when Deadwalking.
Thug - You start with higher Infamy. However, Infamy gain is somewhat decreased.
Luck of Heroes - Slightly increased chance of finding Relics, Glyphs, Runes, and Rare Items. In addition, 10% bonus to chance of creating a Masterwork item when crafting.

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